Easy Pool Care Logo Design

Lead designer in the branding of a pool cleaning service. This was a fun side project for a start up pool cleaning company focused on a fresh approach to the industry. Including 5 concepts with different attributes and styles to gauge the clients preference.

Concept 1

This logo uses soft rounded edges to suggest a friendly and approachable service. It suggests sunny days and a supreme amount of cleanliness.

Concept 2

This logo was a homage to cleaning products of the past. Hoping that the nostalgia of yester-year sparks an internal instinct that represents clean.

Concept 3

This logo while clean and crisp suggests a sense of pool time fun with the splash logo mark. Marco...

Concept 4

This logo utilizes different graphic elements that suggest summer fun. The uniform waves are nice and organized like your pool.

Concept 5

This logo was entirely hand drawn and is the most fun, although it may not be practical in representing a mature business it can be used for merchandise purposes.

Easy Pool Care Logo Design

Branding created for a pool cleaning service.

Lead Designer
April 2022