Role: Lead Visual Designer

RoofSmith Restoration Site Design

RoofSmith Restoration is an Ohio based roofing company focused on high-quality customer service and craftsmanship. Their brand should reflect a company that isn’t afraid to get gritty to not only get things done that does it the right way the first time. Working from an existing logo I developed an entire visual identity inspired by their personality and work ethic. From conception to wireframes to design this made for a great opportunity.

Ideation and Wireframing

Working closely and brainstorming with the client expedited the entire process of ideation. Being able to sit in a room with all the key stakeholders and whiteboard out the entire website aligned our process with the client business goals very efficiently.

Homepage Design

This site needed to be excentric! It needed to be in your face! It needed to say we are the only roofing company that cares about our brand. In a sea of cookie cutter “out of the box” roofing websites, it was our mission to disrupt the sea of white.

Responsive Designs

Here we are again, talking about responsive design. Like its some sort of new thing. Well, it isn’t! Frankly, I’m tired of even mentioning it. Heres the mobile view.

Internal Page Design Systems

accordions and stuff…

Email Design

Further Branding

Email signatures are the new black.

RoofSmith Restoration Site Design

UX and Visual Designer
Hileman Group
Summer 2018