Role: Creator and Lead Visual Designer

Personal Brand Identity

Where do we start? Let’s start sophomore year of high school, walking around my childhood house carrying my favorite pet from room to room. Rubbing its head until its eyes disappeared! Yes, they actually disappeared right back into its head. Mudskippers have the ability to suck in their eyes when anything comes too close to them and that’s exactly what he was doing as I brought him into the kitchen for dinner. I have always been fascinated with aquatic life and spent many hours designing underwater landscapes for numerous species of fish. Of course, Muddy (real creative name) was the only one I could take out for walks and I like to think he cherished those times.

Now that you have learned way too much about my obsession lets talk about the logo. Throughout my professional career, I have been given many email addresses to use in a multitude of capacities. I thought why not incorporate this into my brand. After all this is what people think of when sending me an email. Agelston (which sounds like a teddy bear name) became the inspiration.

Ok, I have the name now, how to incorporate my second love? Fishes. While drafting many different looks for the new logo, the lowercase “a" naturally started to evolve a very basic goldfish shape. A few tweaks to the "tail” and I arrived at a very friendly and approachable marine shape. As a bonus, I cannot look at it without seeing another staple of my childhood, the fishy cracker!