Role: Lead Visual Designer

MCPc Site Design

MCPc is an industry leader in securely managing and protecting data. From device selection to device retirement, they are a single-source provider of comprehensive technology solutions.

They came to the Hileman Group looking for a fresh web presence that they could be proud of and more importantly aid the sales staff in selling their services. We had the opportunity to elaborate on a brand shift that the company was currently putting together. Adding high energy angles and interactions to give the site a technical feel that breathes.

Moodboard Creation

We presented 3 different mood boards to MCPc and landed on an energetic color palette, a bold font, and an angular approach to design.

Visual Design – Homepage

The MCPc homepage acts as a confident handshake for the brand. It needs to portray to the user that MCPc is an industry leader in data security and innovation. The introduction of a subtle constellation animation slowly moving across the background of the hero image further confirms that MCPc is a future-forward company. Dividing the main text areas into 2 angled sections plays to the likes of 2 different personas. On the left a more CEO (to the point) focus and on the right a more IT Manager (detailed) focus. The angles form in the center to make an arrow shape that pulls the user down through the content. A subtle parallax on the some of the lower content areas is a nice visual touch. Overall the homepage achieves its goal of instilling confidence in a potential client.

Visual Design - Homepage - Mobile

Visual Design - Our Services

Visual Design - Select Page

Visual Design - About Us

Visual Design - Case Study

MCPc Site Design

Senior Visual Designer
The Hileman Group
May 2017