Role: Art Director and Visual Designer

Social Media Channel Design

Designing art that people can interact with depending on the social channel they love most. On Instagram utilizing the heart when liked feature to add to the art itself. The audience on Pinterest tends to have more time when browsing and the ability to save posts they find interesting. This is why the design can be larger and contain more information such as "how to" content.

Instagram - Valentine's Day Campaign Design

Valentine's Day Campaign Design – Instagram Post – Community Reaction

Instagram & Facebook - Earth Day Campaign Photo Design

Earth Day Campaign Design – Instagram Post – Community Reaction

Earth Day Campaign Design - Facebook Post - Community Reaction

Pinterest - Find The Perfect Blender Infographic

This infographic was designed to help the user narrow down which machine would best suit their needs and lifestyle. With the addition of Payment Options to eliminate the intimidation of purchasing an expensive Vitamix.

Pinterest – St Patrick’s Day Campaign – How to Make Green Beer Design

Instagram – St Patrick’s Day Campaign Design

Pinterest - Recipe

Instagram – Tuesday Taste Off Design (2014)