Role: Lead Interactive and Visual Designer

Vitamix S30 Product Launch Experience

Vitamix launched a new line of personal blenders in 2014. Working with content strategy and marketing partners we put together a micro site to explain what High Performance Personal Blending means and how Vitamix engineering put all the power of a full size machine into a smaller footprint. The experience is comprised of 3 sections, information, usage, and recipes.

Personal Blending Experience Homepage

In the information section which was the landing page to the whole experience we featured all the components of the blender. All the photography and video on the page was art directed by me in order to make the whole experience holistic. Later that year the photography won an addy award.

Quick Start Guide

The second section known as the quick start guide gives the user much needed content in order to begin using their blender efficiently and to its full potential.

S30 Recipe Center

The recipe section is the final piece to the puzzle and segregates this blenders recipes from the main recipe center on, making it clear that it can create all the dishes of a full size blender on its own.

Vitamix S30 Product Launch Experience

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